• Women’s Intimate Powder 75gm

    It is essential to maintain intimate and personal hygiene, not only to remain
    clean and fresh, but also to prevent infections, unpleasant odour, discomfort and other health hazards. Pee Safe Intimate Powder is dermatologically tested and provides the best intimate hygiene experience.

    Limiting to the use of soap and detergents may irritate or even damage the
    vulvar skin and cause infections. However, with Clotrimazole IP and Vitamin E
    as the key ingredients for this product, all risks of infections and other health
    hazards are eliminated. The blend of these ingredients gently cleanses the
    external skin of the intimate areas to ensure you feel comfortable and fresh
    throughout the day.

  • Women’s Natural Intimate Wipes – Pack of 10

    PeeSafe Natural Intimate Wipes provides with the ultimate care and cleanliness of your intimate area. They are made from viscose making them extremely soft and comfortable to use. It cleans and freshens your intimate area without any hassle. Proper care is taken by the skin-friendly pH balance. It is made from the natural extracts like Tea Tree Essential Oil. Wipes are Alcohol, Paraben and SLS free. Its usage provides with freshness, prevents rashes and allergies.


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