• Oxo – Biodegradable Disposable Bags (Pack of 50 Bags)

    Gone are the days when we had to search for newspapers or plastic bags to throw away our wet waste. With an objective to provide green products and nurture our environment, Pee Safe has come up with Disposable Bags which are oxo-degradable in nature. These bags are tamper and tear proof to ensure a discreet disposal of intimate hygiene products ranging from sanitary pads, panty liners, tampons, condoms and baby diapers. These bags come up with an adhesive seal, to prevent spilling, leakage, and bad odour from spreading. These bags are easy to carry and easy to dispose. With an oxo-biodegradable make, these disposable bags would bio-degrade in fragments through the process of oxidation, leaving behind no bits or traces. Isn’t it great ?

    1. Environment-friendly bags for easy and discreet disposal of hygiene products.
    2. These bags are tear and tamper proof making them travel friendly too.
    3. Adhesive seal locks the odour and prevents spilling of the waste.
    4. Decreases human contact with waste, thus preventing waste pickers from catching any disease.
    5. Oxo-biodegradable bags for eco-friendly disposal.


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