• Fixderma Shadow SPF 50+ Cream 75g

    FIXDERMA shadow SPF 50+ is excellent for broad-spectrum protection against short & long-wave UV rays. the main culprit responsible for long-term skin damage, skin cancer, wrinkling, premature ageing and darkening of the skin due to over-exposure of sun.

    NPR 1,000.00
  • Bio Beauty Breast Firming & Enlargement Cream – 200 gm

    Bio Beauty Breast Cream is a unique formulation to make your breast firmer, tighter, enlarged, and more curved in appearance to make you more appealing. It has a toning and firming complex that soothes, rejuvenates the skin, and increases its glow and vitality. This is one of the safest ways to enlarge your breast without going for expensive breast enhancement surgeries.

    • Improves the firm feel of the supporting skin of the breast and increases the bust size
    • Prevents the loss of firmness in the future and enhances the support and contour of the bust.
    • Improves the visible tone and texture of the skin
    • Refines and firms breast contours enhance the body’s youthful qualities
    • Helps promote a full well-rounded appearance and creates a natural breast lift
    NPR 1,598.00
  • Bio Beauty Scar Removing Cream – 60 gm

    • Clinically proven to soften and flatten raised scars.
    • Clinically proven to reduce redness and discoloration.
    • Shown to relieve itching and discomfort associated with scars.
    • Easy and painless to apply, no removal necessary.
    NPR 440.04

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